According to CDC.org, every year in the United States over 34,800 women and men are estimated to be diagnosed with cancer caused by HPV infection. HPV vaccination could prevent more than 90% of cancers caused by HPV.    

Men need to be concerned about HPV for two reasons. First, men can be carriers of the HPV virus and can infect their partners. Second, men are at risk for several of HPV-associated cancers, namely anal cancer, penile cancer and throat cancer.

Doctors actually see very high rates of throat cancer in middle-aged men. These cases are predominantly not the same cancers that we see in patients who have long histories of tobacco and alcohol use. Although throat cancer is treatable, the treatment is extremely painful. Thus, we want to spread the message that HPV vaccination is cancer prevention for both men and women.

The HPV vaccine is applicable to both males and females. The vaccine is available from ages 9 to 21 for men. It can also be given up to age 45 in men who are at higher risk for developing HPV infections. Boys under age 15, just like girls, only need two shots, six months apart. At the age of 15 and older, males need a series of three shots.  

HPV vaccinations are simply a preparation to prevent cancer-causing infections and precancers. Studies have shown that HPV cancers have dropped significantly since the vaccine has been in use.

When To Take The HPV Vaccination?

HPV vaccinations are usually recommended for a child to take at an early age. The first dose is when the child is 11 to 12 years old and the second dose is usually 6 to 12 months after the first dose. If the child is older, then it is recommended to proceed with 3 doses instead of 2. Having the vaccination done is the best way to prevent any exposure to disease in the future. This is why the HPV vaccine is recommended earlier rather than later, in order to protect your child’s health.  

For an adult, it is also required to be taken three shots each different month. Once you have the first shot, then it needs to be waited for two months to have the second shot. For the third shot as a last one, it should be taken after four months as of  having the second shot.  It is a total 6 months of process to be done and patients need to make sure about returning back to the clinic to have all the follow up shots.

Can Adults Take HPV Vaccination Too?

Yes, adults can also take the HPV vaccination. It is recommended for everyone through age 26 years. It is not recommended for a patient who are older than 26, however, vaccination can still be done after speaking with their doctor about their risk for new HPV infections. The reason why HPV vaccination is not recommended after 26 years old is that these patients are more likely to be exposed to the HPV before reaping the benefits of the vaccination.

Side-Effects By HPV Vaccine

- Pain, redness, or swelling in the arm where the shot was given
- Fever
- Headache or feeling tired
- Nausea
- Muscle or joint pain

There are many clinics in Korea that offer HPV vaccination. We recommend you to contact us for more information about the clinic and the price. The price for the HPV vaccination differs from every clinic.


1. Diagnosis/Consultation (With a Doctor)
- HPV treatment
- Payment


HPV one shot is for 200,000 KRW, but it is required to be had up to 3 times consecutively as a vaccination session. Total comes 600,000 KRW. Korean National Insurance is not eligible for the session.

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