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Warning: This video may contain disturbing scenes. The following video is for educational purpose only.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery (Gynecomastia)

It is a symptom of the mammary gland that grows like a woman’s breast because of the accumulation of mammary tissue and fatty tissue in the male’s breast. Mostly there are no symptoms but if the mammary glands are enlarged, you will feel intermittent pain or tenderness. Usually, most cases are treated for cosmetic reasons.

Checking Your Simon Grade

Simon Grade is based on dividing gynecomastia into four grades according to the degree of chest development. There are four grades that are 1, 2-a, 2-b and 3; however, it is difficult to apply to obese patients with gynecomastia. The reason is because it is difficult to visually determine whether breast enlargement is caused by mammary gland hyperplasia or excessive fat. Therefore, ultra sonography requires a minimum of 2 cm of mammary gland tissue to be diagnosed with grade 2 or higher. It all depends on what grade are you at and our doctor will make a decision based on simon grade through specific diagnosis. There are 4 types of detail gynecomastia surgeries that we provide for each grade.

Simon Grade Classification

Grade 1

Grade 2-A

Grade 2-B

Grade 3

Small enlargement, No skin excess

Moderate enlargement, No skin excess

Moderate enlargement with extra skin

Marked enlargement with extra skin

Source: Adapted from Simon BE, Hoffman S, Kahn S. Classification and surgical correction of gynecomastia. Plast Reconstr Surg 1973;51:48.

More Specific About Simon Grade

Grade 1
$2700 USD

- It can be said that the level of breast enlargement is within the areola.
- Local anesthesia after sleep anesthesia can be improved by general surgical method to remove excessively distributed adipose tissue and mammary gland tissue  

Grade 2-A and Grade 2-B ** Only difference between grade 2a and 2b are excessive skin exist.
Grade 2-A: $3000 USD & Grade 2-B: $3300 USD
Person who has excessive areola range but not severely sagging
- Since general surgery is difficult to improve, a wide range of liposuction should be needed.
- An additional Apolex (Equipment that promotes skin contraction) which applies high frequency massage to the lower part of skin is used to shrink the skin for filling up empty spaces and prevent side effects such as saggy chest. It also provides a compression suit that allows you to refine your chest line and induce a natural contraction of the skin into the voids.  

Grade 3
$3800 USD
- With breast enlargement and severe drainage
- Mammary gland removal and liposuction are also widely practiced
- Like grade 2-a and 2-b, it can be prevented from sagging only by actively treating skin contraction through Apolex and compression suit
- Typically non-Asian people have this symptom

** 10% of tax will be charged if you pay on a credit card. You may get a tax refund at the airport before leaving. But there is no tax if you pay on cash.

Effects And Expectationsdure

Reborn with confident manly breast and nipples


1. Pre-consultation (With a staff who speaks English)
- Checking medical history
- Used medication
- Health status
- Evaluate the patient’s condition while assessing the response to treatment

2. Measurement for compression suit

3. Consultation and designing (With a doctor)

4. Physical examination
- The position of the lump
- Current body size
- The degree of mammary glands

5. Ultrasound Check Up
- The amount of fat
- The size of the mammary glands
- Whether the breast is calcified are checked through ultrasound equipment
- Breast cancer or benign tumors that can’t be confirmed visually can be checked3. Payment

4. Surgery

5. After Care
- Necessarily to visit our clinic a few times before heading back
- Providing a month worth of after-kits (free of charge)
- Prescribed medication will be purchased by the patient (It’s not included in the surgery price)


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Sleep sedation is injected before incision

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And 4 mm of incision is begun under the armpit to inject a tumescent solution (Local anesthetic) afterward.

Tumescent machine is used for softening the fat mammary gland and water is added to shrink the blood vessels. It will be less bleeding (less hemorrhage) as a result.

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By grasping the distribution and size of the mammary gland tissue, the mammary gland tissue layer is completely removed and the remaining fat layer is smoothed with special equipment (Apolex)

Apolex lifting: Mammary fat dissolving technology
- Used to dissolve the fat
- To increase density
- Prevents fattening after surgery (elevates collagen)

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Unnecessary fat tissue is removed except for 5mm of subcutaneous fat.

RF Assist Lipoplasty: Use a liposuction machine called Medela

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After the suture, clean up and remove mammary, and stitch afterward. Finish with a compression bandage so that no scar is left

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