UROLIFT – BPH Treatment For Enlarged Prostate

BPH (Prostate Enlargement) Interview @Proud Urology Clinic

Case 1: BPH (Prostate Enlargement) Urolift Surgery

Warning: This video may contain disturbing scenes. The following video is for educational purpose only.


Prostatic urethral lift using the implantable device has been the newest surgery since 2015 in South Korea. Treatment that has BPH medications with the Urolift System is typically provides quicker recovery for men’s living with symptoms of an enlarged prostate. It breaks the cycle of medications and how they make a person feel, all without the risks of traditional surgery. The goal of the Urolift System treatment is to relieve symptoms so you can get back to your life and resume your daily activities. Most men living with enlarged prostate (BPH) symptoms take prescription medications after they’re diagnosed but these prescriptions often don’t provide adequate relief and may cause dizziness, fatigue, and sexual dysfunction. Medications don’t need to become a lifelong burden and men don’t need to wait until surgery is required to address the problem. With the Urolift System treatment, men suffering from BPH symptoms can avoid traditional surgery altogether.There’s a better option that can help men feel revitalized without having to compromise. This is typically a one-time, in-office procedure that is a straightforward solution to treat the blockage, freeing men from ongoing BPH medications with a rapid recovery.

UROLIFT Treatment (A Minimally Invasive BPH Treatment)

The simple Urolift System treatment typically performed in the doctor’s office uses tiny implants to hold open the obstructed pathway that’s blocking urine flow, addressing the blockage, not just continuously treating enlarged prostate (BPH) symptoms. Most patients return home immediately and experience a speedy recovery.


1. Pre-consultation (With a staff who speaks English)
- Checking medical history
- Used medication
- Health status
- Evaluate the patient’s condition while assessing the response to treatment

2. Consultation (With a doctor)

3. Payment

4. Surgery

5. After Care
- Necessarily to visit our clinic a few times before heading back
- Providing a month worth of after-kits (free of charge)
- Prescribed medication will be purchased by the patient (It’s not included in the surgery price)


1. Enlarged Prostate An enlarged prostate can narrow or even block the urethra, causing bothersome urinary symptoms

2. The Urolift Delivery Device is placed through the obstructed urethra to access the enlarged prostate

3. Tiny Urolift Implants are permanently placed to lift and hold the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way and increase the opening of the urethra

4. The Urolift System treatment provides fast and reliable symptom relief by opening the obstructed urethra

Recommendation For People Who Need The Treatment

- Obtaining the psychological satisfaction of the patient through visual improvement, which is the primary goal of the surgery
- Strong benefits of dermal substitute tissue augmentation
- It’s permanent and safe It can make the girth thicker than other augmented materials
- There are no immune system rejection because all immunologic protein reaction has been removed
- The shape of enlarged girth is very natural, so your partner will not notice the difference after the surgery (Comparing to silicone materials that are very noticeable)
- The result is soft (100% visible vein) and natural. (Comparing to silicone materials which are hard and very noticeable)
- Erection still remains with hard status

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