Cleanliness of the genitals. It is a small consideration for your partners and a better way to protect your own health. Circumcision is an operation that performs to remove the foreskin and keeps the glans naturally exposed and the genitals clean. It helps to prevent glansitis, glans foreskin, and urinary tract infections, which can be caused by bacterial growth in the foreskin. Foreskin is also the most common to get trans dermal cancer. So circumcision is known to help prevent penile cancer and sexually transmitted diseases. However, if the foreskin is come off well and the glans are easily exposed, and no special symptoms are founded, then circumcision is not recommended.

Recommendation For People Who Need The Surgery

- When the foreskin does not flip to the end during erection and covers part of the glans. It often interferes with the development of the penis and glans, infection of the foreskin, and local pain
- Some disease between the glans and foreskin will occur such as malodor, glanspoxitis, and foreskin stones
- When the foreskin is forcibly flipped back, it cannot be returned to its original position. Inflammation of the foreskin occurs a lot when it shrinks with the form of a ring
- If the foreskin gets dry frequently and the wound or inflammation repeats
- In case of diseases such as condyloma, warts, etc. on the foreskin
- The remaining foreskin must be removed when surgery is performed such as  premature ejaculation, implantation surgery, or curvature correction


1. Pre-consultation (With a staff who speaks English)
- Checking medical history
- Used medication
- Health status
- Evaluate the patient’s condition while assessing the response to treatment

2. Consultation (With a doctor)

3. Payment

4. Surgery

5. After Care
- Necessarily to visit our clinic a few times before heading back
- Providing a month worth of after-kits (free of charge)
- Prescribed medication will be purchased by the patient (It’s not included in the surgery price)


1. In most cases, sleep anesthesia will be required during entire procedure. Local anesthesia is another option
2. As much as the foreskin covering the glans is excised and the remaining skin is sutured with a suture. It usually takes less than 30 minutes.

Aftercare (Pre-Caution)

- After you have circumcision, you are able to take a shower in 2 weeks with only water. Please make sure keep away from water around your penile. You are able to take a shower with soap or body wash in 3 weeks
- You will be allowed to have sexual intercourse in 3 weeks from begging of post surgery period

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