Proud Urology Clinic has been recognized for numerous awards and certifications for our advanced surgical techniques and specialty for penile enlargement surgery that can be found nowhere else.

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Our clinic is distributed into two floors. 3rd floor is the lobby and consultation center. And the 4th floor is the surgery center. All patients will visit the 3rd floor for the consultation and will be led to the 4th floor for the operation. All process is systemized and monitored by our quality staffs. Proud Urology Clinic prioritizes in patient’s comfort when visiting the clinic.

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4th floor is our surgery center. We make sure that the environment is clean and hygienic for all patients. Our staff cleans the room every hour and monitor the safety of our patient. The patient usually visits this floor for the operation or any follow-up care. We have each room for the patient to stay in comfort and have arranged a lobby for the guests.

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Proud Urology Clinic seeks to improve the quality of treatment to our patients by improving our medical equipment yearly. We also monitor each piece of equipment daily for any errors or misuse. We guarantee that all patients will be treated with the most advanced and hygienic medical equipment.


We value each and every patient with great satisfaction through systematic and professional care.

Customized Patient Care Service

We provide a customized care service to each of our patients. We value each of our patients and aim to provide the best care service possible.

Natural & Safe Results

With our highly trained urologists, we can guarantee the surgical & treatment result to be safe and natural

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Innovative One Day Visit System

We offer a special "1-day visit system" because from start to finish it literally takes a day. There is no need for multiple visits to the clinic as all the steps and procedures for the surgery can be completed efficiently and conveniently within a day.

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Hygienic Facilities

Maintaining a hygienic environment is our top priority. We believe that hygienic facilities are of the utmost importance when it comes to infection prevention.


The formation that led to become who we are today

It was not too long, but not too short. Within the past few years, we've accomplished more than any other places.

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Great Achievements Ongoing

More updates on Proud Urology Clinic will be released.


JCI Accreditated (2019-2021)

Proud Urology Clinic has become the first urology clinic in Asia to receive JCI Ambulatory Care.


Used the most Megaderm & Megafill in Korea

1,436 cases for Megaderm and 4,020cc of megafill just in 2019.


Proud Urology Clinic Established

Proud Urology Clinic has been established by three urologists: Dr. Lee Ji Yong, Dr. Koo Jin Mo, and Dr. Hwang Inseong.