Penile Curvature Correction (Peyronie's Disease)

Penile curvature is not just a matter of appearance, it can also make sexual intercoarse impossible or lead to penile fractures.Penile curvature is when the penis is bent from left to right. It doesn’t not usually show well, but it is clearly displayed during erectile state. And it is not necessarily diagnosed as penile curvature, when the penile is usually slightly curved. Penile curvature is diagnosed when the degree of bending is about 30 degrees or more. Even if the degree of curvature is less than 30 degrees, treatment would be necessary if you have an penile bending issue, or you or your partner feels uncomfortable in having sex.

Causes Of Penile Curvature

1. Congenital causeIt is caused by an imbalance in the development of left and right sponges, about 80% of which is bent down, and 20% of which is bent to the left and right.

2. Acquired causes

- Peyronie’s disease:  Hard bumps grow on tunica albuginea, which is the organs that hold the genitals, can lead to curvature
- Development of abnormal blood vessel: Curvature occurs due to blood imbalance in the corpus cavernosum
- Trauma or Postoperative Sequela: Curvature may occur if the penis is injured or a penis reconstruction is performed
- Environmental factors: If you wear excessively tight pants continuously or have a wrong way of masturbating habits, you may be caused by constant pressure on one side.


1. Pre-consultation (With a staff who speaks English)
- Checking medical history
- Used medication
- Health status
- Evaluate the patient’s condition while assessing the response to treatment

2. Consultation (With a doctor)

3. Payment

4. Surgery

5. After Care
- Necessarily to visit our clinic a few times before heading back
- Providing a month worth of after-kits (free of charge)
- Prescribed medication will be purchased by the patient (It’s not included in the surgery price)


Little bit of curvature can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin E or steroid injections, but most curvature can be cured through surgery.

1. Organization
- Fibrotic lesions, which is penile curvatures on the other side of the penile curvature, are the way of being tied up for penile correction. It is proceeded when the penile curvature is less than 30 degrees. It is not accompanied by complex penis malformations such as a hourglass deformation looks, and the penis has to be long enough.

2. Tunica albuginea plication
- Surgery is done by excision of a fibrotic lesion and then sutured with a graft. It has the advantage that the penis length is longer than 백막단축술, but the disadvantage of the operation is more complicated and the lower possibility of erection is relatively higher after surgery.

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