June 1, 2021

Why It is Important To have An STD Checkup

Having to do STD testing regularly can improve your sexual health. It is always important

You must have often heard urologists suggesting you some necessary sexual bits of advice including the use of condoms and regular STD check-ups. If you are a sexually active person, your doctor would always advise you regular check-ups for STD even if you do not experience any symptoms. But have you ever tried to find the actual significance of laboratory tests done for Sexually transmitted diseases?

This is because, in many instances, a person might be infected with STD even without knowing about it as in initial stages, STDs might not reflect noticeable symptoms in your body. Still, they may cause some severe health issues that are often incurable and can cause lifelong affliction. 

Many experts prefer to use the term Sexually transmitted infection instead of a sexually transmitted disease because the condition may be present in the body without the symptoms of the disease. Examination for sexually transmitted diseases is never a part of regular check-ups, but you must be responsible enough for yourself to ask your doctor about your check-up. People, especially women, often prefer avoiding discussions about their sexual life with the doctor, which can be a severe drawback in terms of their well-being.

We completely understand that talking about STI might be awkward for individuals, but there is nothing to feel embarrassed about it. In today’s world, it is ubiquitous to get STD infection as many people are engaged in sexual activities since a young age while getting tested timely is a responsible behavior one must show. Proud Urology Clinic provides a comfortable and private atmosphere for both men and women to discuss their sexual issues with the doctor. If the consulting doctor witnesses any symptoms or the need for STI testing, we shall provide the most accurate test results within a short period. 

When is the time to get STI check-up?

This is the most common question we encounter almost every day. It won’t be wrong to appreciate the sexual awareness programs in the modern era that has made people realize the importance of regular STI check-ups. But, everybody’s doubt about the correct time to get STD check-ups remains constant. If you are a sexually active person and encounter any of the following in your everyday schedule, you must consider getting tested for Sexually transmitted diseases:

  1. In cases of initial STD symptoms. 
  2. Your partner has recently been tested for the Sexually transmitted disease.
  3. If you have multiple sex partners. 
  4. If you haven’t used protection while having sex. 
  5. If you have indulged in sexual activity with a new partner. In such cases, it is always advised to get pre-tested for STI to both the people planning to have sexual intercourse. 
  6. If you have by chance indulged into any other activity else than sexual intercourse that might have put you at the risk of getting STD. This may include sharing undergarments, using mutual needles, etc. 
  7. Moreover, for sexually active people, it is always advised to appear for annual STI check-ups. 

Make sure you are always transparent and honest with your doctor. Embarrassment won’t save you from severe health hazards as your doctor must have transparent answers of all the questions asked by him during physical examination. This enables him to take suitable decisions for you. 


Laboratory testing for sexually transmitted infections is usually quick and painless. As you already know that there are multiple types of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. There is not just one collaborative test for all STIs, but it varies as per your symptoms and physical examination of the doctor. After a standard physical examination and thorough study of your sexual life, your doctor shall advise you the type of STI test that you must undergo. Proud Urology Clinic is the end stop for all your STD testing. Some central laboratory tests facility provided at Proud Urology Clinic includes:


Urine test is generally preferred for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. Men who indulge in sexual activity with men are at high risk of getting chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, whereas, the person with HIV infection is also at an increased risk of getting infected with these two STDs. Urine test is most straightforward of all for the patients. All you have to do is pee in a cup provided by the medical team at our clinic. The urine sample is then analysed in the laboratory for the best results. 


A blood sample is generally preferred for the patients who are the suspects of HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis. In severe conditions, when the symptoms are reflected in your body, a blood sample is taken from the genital sores that you might have developed due to the infection. Otherwise, for regular check-ups, either a blood sample is taken from your arm, or a quick finger prick is sent for laboratory examinations. 


This involves a swab that is used to gently take the discharge or cell samples from the genital parts of men and women. The swab samples are generally taken from the penis, vagina, urethra, cervix, anus, and throat. This method of testing is usually preferred for the condition of Genital Herpes. 


We have personally witnessed the cases where people often become furious, embarrassed, and upset to find that they have an STI in their body. But everybody must know that it is nothing to be freaked out as with the development of medical technology we have the cure for maximum STIs. Following points considered properly undoubtedly results in speedy recovery:

  1. Follow the instructions of your doctor. 
  2. Take proper medications as per the schedule prescribed by the doctor.
  3. Stay in touch with your doctor and keep consulting him for the issues your face during the recovery process. 
  4. Have an exact conversation with your partner regarding your condition
  5. Try not to indulge in any sexual activity until you are completely cured. In case you prefer sexual intercourse, make sure to use condoms that can prevent passing on the infection to your partner.
  6. If you feel mentally weak while dealing with your health condition, prefer discussing with your partner, close friends, or counselor to make yourself feel better and confident about your recovery. 

Also, feel free to contact Proud Urology Clinic for STD/STI testing.

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