December 3, 2021

What should you expect from your erectile dysfunction surgery?

Erectile dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of.

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Erectile Dysfunction, as you know, is a talked problem amongst men. Many men over age 50 usually witness this problem. However, there are even some men who witness premature ED in them. Premature ED is when you don’t gain an erection despite being below 50. Only aging is not the reason for dysfunction. Some men are having good penile health and are gaining erections beyond 50.

It is about how fit does you keep yourself. ED is a typical problem these days, and the reason that drives it is an unhealthy lifestyle. Men are leading a stressful life accompanied by bad habits such as smoking and drinking. This leads men to face erectile dysfunction at an early age.

Besides, some chronic diseases are also creating dysfunction in men. It includes higher sugar levels, high blood pressure, anxiety, and many more. However, the good news is doctors are treating ED with several approaches that help you gain your erection back. If you have decided to undergo ED surgery, then there are few things that you need to expect. In this column, you will grasp knowledge about before surgery and after surgery expectations along with the complete procedure of what happens.

Before moving on to know what happens in your surgery, you should know what you will experience before you undergo your surgery. Here are some diagnoses and tests that you have to undergo before your surgery.

Diagnosis and test commencing before your surgery 

These are the tests that doctors demand long before your surgery. It is usually a pre-medication stage, where doctors try to find out the root cause behind your erectile dysfunction. Based on these test results, doctors then decide to continue with medication or surgery. Surgery is usually the final stage where medication doesn’t offer you the solution.

Blood test

The initial medical checkup for every problem in humans starts with a blood test. So, there is nothing new with ED. The doctors will first check your blood sugar level to know whether diabetes is the cause behind ED. If you have diabetes, you will find erectile dysfunction in you. The blood test also allows the doctor to see the red blood cells in your blood. Less RBC count will lead you to problems like anemia and fatigue. In such cases also you will witness ED.

Further, a blood test also allows the doctor to know your cholesterol level. Higher cholesterol is also a reason that causes ED.


This is another type of test in which the doctors will ask you for your urine sample. The urine sample allows the doctors to know the sugar and protein level in your urine. With urine, doctors can also determine if you have diabetes or any other kidney disease that is contributing to ED.

Penile Doppler diagnosis

The penile Doppler diagnosis is a type of ultrasound that offers access to the doctors to examine and see how well or bad is the blood flow inside the arteries inside the penis. This is because; blood flow is the main factor that affects erection. If you have a good blood flow level, you can gain a good erection. However, any imbalance in the blood flow level leads to ED. 

Based on the results of this test, the doctors then decide what medication they should continue with. Usually, they offer you an injection that helps you maintain the blood flow to gain an erection.

Psychological analysis 

This is a test that commences when there is no negative medical report coming out from all the above tests. That implies; if you have good health and do not have any chronic disease, the doctors will then do a psychological analysis. This is because; there are many more reasons for ED as well. It includes stress, sexual failure with a partner, and depression. In this analysis, the doctors will know what makes you lose desire. They might ask you to get therapy in which your partner also might get included.

Now that you know the before-surgery tests and analysis, here are some devices and surgery you will witness in your treatment.

Several types of surgery and devices to expect in your treatment

When the doctors acknowledge that medication is not working in your condition. They will ask you for surgery. Surgery is usually the last option. Here are the surgeries based on the conditions.

Vacuum erection drive 

This is one of the most effective and primary treatments for ED. In this treatment, vacuum erection hardware gets integrated around your penis. The erection device comes in a cylindrical shape that helps you pump blood to your arteries until you get an erection. While using this device, you will need to apply lube to your penis so that your penis gets into the cylindrical device. Then you need to manually pump it pushes blood to arteries until you gain an erection.

Penile prostheses 

Prostheses is another type of treatment when men don’t like to waste time to gain erection with long medication process. In such cases, the doctor implants a mechanical device to help you gain an erection. There are two types of implants. It includes:

Malleable implants

A device that gets placed at the base of the penis that offers you permanent hardness.

Inflated implants

These devices are the same implants but can be deflated after sex. The doctors usually integrate this device near the scrotum. The device includes a pump, and when you press it, you will achieve an erection.  


This treatment is usually offered to men below 40 who face an injury in the penis. This will lead to poor blood flow. The doctors, in such cases, offer revascularization surgery to restore the blood flow.


Keeping it short, these are what you should expect in your ED treatment. Now that you know all the causes, tests, and treatments, you should expect the same from your urologists.

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