November 3, 2021

What is Gynecomastia and How Is It Treated?

Gynecomastia can happen to all men of all ages.

"Why don't you try breast surgery?" Linda suggested her husband George, who was having a hard time dealing with excess breast tissue development. Seems unordinary? Well, yes, that's the purpose. Come; let's change the perceptions for good. 

Every time one talks about Cosmetic breast surgery, our stimulus images a female body. And why be it not, because for decades, cosmetic surgeries, most significantly to ameliorate breast contours, have been opted by females, mainly desiring to increase their breast size. However, very few pay attention to the sexual complications faced by men. From getting bullied for their male boobs to feeling inferior and losing confidence, men deal with a plethora of sexual problems in their life. One such prevailing issue is Gynecomastia. A plethora of medical surveys prove that countless men, both adults, and teenagers, are surviving with the complications of Gynecomastia. However, the suffering is over. Proud Urology brings the most effective and safe surgeries for men, making it a new normal for them to get rid of enlarging male breasts. But how? 

Let's understand in detail. 


A condition of excess breast tissue development in men that leads to a female-like heavy breast is medically termed Gynecomastia. While many men ignore this condition considering it reciprocation of obesity or an increase in weight, a few of them are aware of the health hazards associated with it. For a man, having conspicuous breasts can be an emotionally daunting experience. Gynecomastia in men can lead to excessive fat and the development of epithelial tissues that result in the appearance of puffy nipples, a soft and untoned chest, deteriorating their masculine body.


 As the result of prevailing awareness amongst the country's population, patients are being advised by their surgeon for Gynecomastia Surgery. However, a limited number of trained surgeons behold an in-depth understanding of this condition; the experts of Proud Urology Clinic being one of them. We believe that along with the expert consultation of urologists, a patient must also have adequate knowledge about the human body conditions to avoid carelessness and misleads in life. Gynecomastia is broadly categorized into six types. Following is the description of each type outlined by our experts: 

1. Puffy Nipples: TYPE 1 

When excess tissue is developed beneath the nipple and areola, it creates a kind of puffy or areola appearance, categorized as Puffy Nipples Gynecomastia. A primary condition amongst teenagers, thin men, or newly-practicing bodybuilders, this condition is quite easy to be treated. An essential glandular tissue removal with an incision through the bottom side margin of the areola can ease the problem. Generally, this surgery is provided under the influence of sleeping sedation given to the patient.



This condition is generally identified by the extension of breast tissue beneath the areola, which naturally expands in different proportions towards the lower pec. It may also result in the rounding of the chest shape towards the tight end of the skin. It is very easy to get rid of this condition as well. Similar to Puffy Nipples Gynecomastia, a Rounded chest also demands the removal of glandular tissue with a crescent-shaped incision. In few severe conditions, when fatty tissue is accumulated or a mild skin tightening is required in the male body, surgeons may suggest adding liposuction during the treatment. The experts of our clinic mainly perform surgery for this type under the dose of sleeping sedation. 


Men with breast tissues extending past the chest fold and nipples usually falling below the chest fold are categorized under Slight Breast Roll Gynecomastia condition. It also presents a moderate amount of skin laxity in men. To improvise this condition, excessive skin tightening is advised to enable skin contractions and masculine looks for desired results. In few cases of slight breast roll, nipple repositioning is also required for the patients. This is done through crescent incisions on the top and bottom or, many times, all-around areola. Patients dealing with this condition are most likely to undergo surgery for both glandular and fatty tissue removal for optimum results. To give our readers some basic knowledge, it is imperative to add that fatty tissues are primarily present in breast roll, the lower side of breast pole, axilla, and pre-axilla portion. The surgery to rectify this condition is advised to be performed under proper dosage of sleeping sedation.



Men suffering from this condition find it hard to deal with excess and fluffy breast, which extends typically towards the armpit area, leading to loose skin and breast roll. The physical appearance of breast roll is so that the nipple falls below the chest fold up to two centimetres or even more. This condition is categorized by the prevalence of excess glandular tissue, fatty tissue, and skin laxity in the male breast. This condition is often stressful and lowers the confidence in men. Hence, the best way to treat this issue is by undergoing nipple repositioning surgery. The injection of liposuction is also advised around breast roll, axilla, and pre-axilla. To perform this surgery, patients are given a dose of sleeping sedation. 


Under significant breast roll, Gynecomastia, glandular tissue, skin excess, and fatty tissue are the primary hindering criteria. Usually extending up to the axilla and armpit, this condition is accompanied by loose skin and nipples falling down two centimetres or even more below the chest fold. It is a pervasive issue amongst obese men and those who lose massive amounts of weight. To treat Significant Breast Roll, Urologists of our clinic perform the surgery with utmost care and hygiene. The incision across the chest crease and axilla in order to tighten the skin is followed by nipples repositioning to make incisions around the areola are the critical procedures of the surgery. Liposuction is also used to streamline excess fat around the chest. It is imperative to note that the surgery for this condition is performed under the influence of sleeping sedation given to the patient. 


This condition is categorized by breast tissue extending towards the armpit and even the backside. Severe skin sagging and fallen nipples below the chest fold are the physical appearance to identify this condition. Breast roll with the back roll is the most severe condition of Gynecomastia and is most prevalent amongst men with a history of obesity. The treatment of this condition requires a long surgery performed under the dose of sleeping sedation. The treatment involves combining gynecomastia surgery, upper body lift techniques, with incisions across the chest fold, into the armpit, and around the back made to tighten the skin. These incisions enable the surgeon to remove excess tissue and restore a masculine appearance. Moving ahead in the process, nipple repositioning is done using a nipple draft or anchor lift technique. Proud Urology beholds a record of 100% satisfied client's undergone Gynecomastia surgery at our clinic. 

So, next time don't forget to ask your doctor which type you are suffering!!


Triggered by a significant decrease in testosterone hormone, leading to excess estrogen in the male body. There can be several reasons that lead to the upset level of hormonal imbalance in humans. Some of them are listed below:


Testosterone and estrogen are the two primary sex-controlling hormones in males and females, respectively. While we are surrounded by the myth that estrogen is a female-centric hormone, a limited number of individuals know that even the male body produces this. However, when male estrogen level is higher than required, it leads to hormonal imbalance, causing the severe conditions of Gynecomastia. 


We are often forced by our health issues to consume a high dosage of medicines, leading to hormonal imbalance in our bodies. The consumption of some common medicines that lead to Gynecomastia is listed below:

(a) Medicines prescribed to treat AIDS

(b) Anti-anxiety pills

(c) Excessive consumption of antibiotics

(d) Medicines prescribed to treat Ulcer 

(e) Anti-androgens consumed to treat enlarged prostate. 

(f) Digoxin and calcium channel blockers prescribed to heart patients 


It is imperative to note that excessive consumption of illegal drugs can also lead you to a severe stage of Gynecomastia. A list of the most harmful ones is given below: 

(a) Alcohol 

(b) Amphetamines 

(c) Marijuana 

(d) Heroin 

(e) Dolophine



  1. Excessive imbalance of hormones during adolescence. 
  2. Increasing weight. Obese men are most likely to fall prey to this condition 
  3. Consumption of anabolic steroids 
  4. Consumption of androgens to improvise athletic stamina
  5. Some common diseases such as kidney disorders, thyroid, hormonally active tumors may also lead to Gynecomastia. 


It is rightly said, "Prevention is better than cure." Minor improvements in day-to-day life can lead to a good fit and masculine body. 

       (a) Avoid the consumption of drugs and alcohol

       (b) Keep a check on your regular medications

       (c) Exercise daily to keep your body in shape.

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