November 25, 2021

Penile Curvature: Not an Incurable Disease!

Penile curvature is the second most common disease after premature ejaculation.

Penile curvature is the second most common disease after premature ejaculation. This is a medical problem in men that creates difficulties in having sexual intercourse. As the name says it all, penile curvature is the curving of the penis during the erectile state. The curvature is only noticeable when the penis in men is erect. If you have penile curvature, then you can notice your penis bent towards the right or left.

In general, the penis of men comes designed straight when it gets erected. This helps them reach out to the vagina without any difficulty. Having a healthy and straight penis always makes it easier in conceiving for women. Further, a straight penis also offers satisfaction during sexual intercourse. However, men who are suffering from penile curvature problems will develop many hassles. 

They may feel pain while making love with their partner. The partners will also feel uncomfortable due to unnecessary friction of bent penis with the walls of the vagina. In certain cases, this may also lead to penile fracture. That is why, if you have a penile bending problem, you need to get treated at the earliest possible.

You would be happy to learn that penile curvature is no longer an incurable problem. You have still got the chance to impress your partner! So, read the following sections in this article to get help for your issue.

Who gets diagnosed with penile curvature?

Appearing a little bent doesn’t mean that the penis has penile curvature disease. In scientific terms, penile curvature is also known as Peyronie’s disease. Not every man who has a little tilt or bending in their penis needs to get diagnosed with penile curvature. Instead, certain criteria make sure that you are having the curvature problem. The urologist diagnoses you with penile curvature when your penis is bending more than thirty degrees.

When your penile bending is less than thirty degrees, and you feel having a bending issue that creates trouble in intercourse, you can opt for the treatment. This is completely your call. If your partner feels discomfort while having intercourse, then you should necessarily get treated.

The most dependable way to know if you have a curvature problem

When your penis is in its regular state, you may not notice having any curvature problem. You can only know when your penis is getting to an erected state. Before growing into adults, most men don’t even know whether they are suffering from penile curvature. The most common time when they notice having such a problem is during sexual intercourse. 

It is better to notice it earlier and get treated before making your partner feel discomfort. Men can check out for the curvature problem when they feel their penis erected during early mornings or orgasm. If you feel the bending angle is more than thirty degrees, you can immediately consult a urologist.

Cause of Peyronie’s disease 

When it comes to finding out the cause for Peyronie’s disease, you can find many factors responsible for it. In some men, this could be from birth, or this can develop after a certain age. Here are some causes of penile curvature.

Congenital cause 

This is one of the common causes of penile curvature. This brings out the imbalance in the development of the right and left sponges around the penis. This imbalance makes 80% of your penis bend.

Acquired causes 

This is another cause of having curvature in the penis. As per the urologists, when hard bumps form on the tunica albuginea, it leads to the bending of the penis. The tunica Albuginea are those parts that hold your genitals. The growth of bumps in this area will naturally lead to the bending of the penis.

Abnormal blood vessel development 

Another cause of having curvature in the penis is abnormal blood vessel development. When your body witnesses imbalance in blood at a later stage, then blood vessel starts growing unusually. This makes your penis bend towards left or right.

Trauma or injury 

This is a cause that develops in the later stage. When the penis of men gets injured in an accident or while reconstruction, then the penis bends aside.

Other environmental factors

Besides the scientific causes, there are many other issues also that create curvature in the penis. Some of them include are wearing excessive tight pants. This may block blood vessels and blood flow to create curvature. Another factor includes the wrong approach to masturbating habits. When you masturbate in an awkward way that creates constant pressure to any specific side, you will end up having a curved penis.

The best part is it is curable now!

The most relaxing part about this post is Peyronie’s disease is now treatable. The urologists can treat it now with several approaches. The treatment starts with knowing your medical history; they also know about your medication history and health status. After accumulating all these data, the doctors then start treating you. Here are several advanced treatments for penile curvature.

Anti-inflammatory drugs 

When you have a little curvature formation in your penis, then surgery is not necessary. This curvature may form due to inflammation of any part of your penis. In such cases, the urologists treat you with anti-inflammatory drugs. They give you Vitamin-E and steroid injections to treat your curvature. However, this is a treatment for minimal curvature that is hard to notice.

The organization with fibrotic lesions 

The organization of the penis with Fibrotic lesions is an approach in which penile curvature is formed on the opposite side of actual curvature. Your penile gets tied up to get the correction. However, this is an approach for treatment if your curvature angle is less than 30 degrees.

Tunica Albuginea plication

This is a sort of treatment in which the urologist performs the surgery by excising the fibrotic lesion. Then they suture it in a graft to make your penis straight. However, for this treatment, your penis needs to be long enough.


Keeping it short, this is how the penile curvature is not a permanent problem anymore. The advancement in medical science can offer you treatment for any problem. So, you should not leave a chance to impressing your partner by opting for your curvature treatment. However, make sure you choose a reliable urologist as well.

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