August 12, 2021

Erectile Dysfunction Is Not A Permanent Problem Anymore

Find out ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction and regain your confidence as men.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most talked-about sexual problems for men. Men, in all the means, would always want their partner to be happy. However, erectile dysfunction is one of those obstacles that make a love life full of stress. ED is even the most communal sexual difficulty that most of the men complain about to their doctor.

Well, ED is a problem in men that is defined as the inability to hold the erection of a sex organ. Even many men find it tedious to get their intimate organs erected. Although this sexual condition is not a common problem found in all men, still it is about to become a common problem.

The reason why it will become common is the unhealthy lifestyle of people. The people these days live a stressful and unacceptable life. They are carrying on much stress, practicing unhealthy habits such as drinking and smoking, and many more. In such cases, men are experiencing a threatful disease called erectile dysfunction.

In this column, you will grasp the knowledge that ED in men is not a permanent problem anymore. Most of the men think that ED is a problem that they cannot overcome. However, it is not so. There are many invasive and non-invasive approaches through which you can eliminate erectile dysfunction. Before learning how you can eliminate it, here are some primary causes behind it.

Primary causes behind ED in men

There are usually many primary causes that result in ED. It includes:

  • The lower amount of the blood flow to the penis or when any nerves in the penis get harmed
  • Increasing stress and emotional disturbance
  • Chronic and serious diseases like blocked arteries, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases
  • Aging over 50
  • The higher sugar level
  • When you develop higher cholesterol levels by eating oily food
  • Gaining weight
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Lack of fitness

The root cause detection to your ED will help you treat the dysfunction. For example, if you have diabetes or a higher sugar level, you must consult your doctor to avoid sugary food and maintain a balanced life. This will help you treat ED. Further, if you are going through any emotional stress, you may consult with psychiatrists to get rid of your stress. But there are also some problems to which treatment is not available. In such cases, you need invasive types of treatment.

How erection in men commences?

Erection in men is a natural phenomenon that takes place when men feel sexual arousal. During the arousal, the spongy tissue present inside the penis eases and capture blood in them. The pressure due to the capturing of blood creates firmness in the penis, making it more firm. When the penis becomes firm, it gets erected. After the arousal, when men develop orgasm in them, the second group of nerve signals goes to penis tissue, asking them to contract. After that, the blood comes back from those spongy tissues making the penis normal.

When men can keep the erection till the orgasm, that implies they do not have dysfunction. However, losing an erection before the orgasm is also erectile dysfunction. Even dysfunction is also said to be there if the erection is not strong enough for sex.

What are the symptoms that lead you to conclude that you have ED?

You can witness many new things when you are developing ED in you. Here are some symptoms that you will experience when you have ED.

  • Inability to get an erection even if you feel arousing
  • Losing erection before orgasm
  • Not getting the confidence to start the intimacy

Further, ED in you for a longer time may develop many more problems in your life. One of the most serious problems that you will find is lower self-esteemed. Lower self-esteem may leave you depressed and stressed. Another common problem caused by ED is the distress between couples or partners. 

ED is not a permanent problem anymore.

ED is not a permanent problem anymore. With treatments for ED, you can soon eliminate them without any hassle. The treatment starts with finding out the root cause behind your dysfunction. When you consult doctors, they will ask you to conduct the test if you are emotionally okay. They will check the blood testosterone level, sugar level, blood pressure, cholesterol level, the investigation about the blood flow to the penis, and many more.

The test results then will decide the treatment for your erectile dysfunction. If you have emotional issues or stress problems in your life, your doctors will also ask you to get rid of these problems by visiting a relationship advisor.

Treatment to permanent ED

Although most men develop ED temporarily for not following a healthy life, some men develop ED as a permanent problem. Here is some treatment to offer relief from ED.

Testosterone treatment

This is the treatment type offered to the ED caused due to less sex drive when you have low blood testosterone. The doctors increase the blood levels in the testosterone by offering you drugs like PDE type 5 inhibitors.

Vacuum erection means 

This is another approach to treat ED in men. In this type of treatment, the doctors implant an erection device to the penis. This device slips over the penis that makes combines with skin. When you offer pressure at the other end, the tube develops a lower pressure vacuum near the erectile tissue causing an erection in men.

Intracavernosal and urethra treatment

These treatments use Intracavernosal and urethra injection based on the approach. The doctors inject the drug into the tissue to develop an erection.

Surgical treatment 

This is the most permanent type of treatment in which penile implants gets integrated into your sex organs. This integration of implants is more for men above 50 and have no success with injections in this treatment; the implants are placed inside your sex organs to allow you to have normal sex. At Proud Urology Clinic, we have the following procedure available.


Keeping it concise, these are the reasons and treatments that state ED is not a permanent problem in men anymore. Now that you know the treatment, eliminate the distress between and your partner to treat your ED.

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